WD10EALS RAID 1 lost it's S.M.A.R.T.S

My WD10EALS HDDs lost there S.M.A.R.T. status. My Win7 OS sees the drives as generic, not supporting SMART. The BIOS indicates OK on startup (see image), but WD Lifeguard pulls up jibberish for model; and serial number, and won’t test SMART. Other HDD tools, like HD Tune, also shows no SMART available.

Drives make no clicking noise, haven’t notice any performance problems. Sectors all check OK with no bad ones.

This is a hard one to google because the HDD is visible, but SMART is not. It did have SMART at one time, but lost it. My PC builder said he never saw anything like this.

Appreciate any thoughts on what might be going wrong. Thanks in advance.

<edit, blurred ser # of other drive>


Please see if the following link helps.

I’ll keep an eye on it to make sure that you don’t loose any data.

Thanks ERmorel, but I’ve got a 3rd SATA HDD on my desktop (250 GB WD2500JS) and it correctly shows SMART info using all the typical diag software (HD Tune, DiskCheckup, Lifeguard, HWI, etc). So I think mobo and SATA controller are OK. Think problem is with firmware in HDD…corrupted or fried?

Best Solution: “It is NOT an issue with the drive. Just RAID is not designed to pass
though SMART status because the OS does NOT see two hard drives! It sees
ONE virtual drive!”

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