SMART Status ? Not Available WD3200BUCT

I am currently running an Extended Test on a new hard drive.  After trying to lay an image on this drive 3 times unsuccessfully I decided to check it to make sure that it is okay.  On the home screen for the WD Data LifeGuard Diagnostics tool next to the drive it says that the SMART Status is not available.   Do I need to worry about this?  I have it connected to my pc with coolgear and from reading previous posts it is my understanding that with some usb devices this is common.

How are you testing your hard drive ? Is it connected using sata on your pc ? Have you activated smart check on BIOS ? Use hard disk sentinel please and share the results with us :slight_smile:

Some external enclosures/hardware doesn’t allow the software to communicate with the drive so that it can read the SMART data. I would try use Data LifeGuard with the drive connected via SATA or maybe try another enclosure to see if it works.

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yup, ive had one enclosure that didnt rad the smart data

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I have a spare hard drive, different manuf., and the same thing happened.  The internal disk drive and the external connected via usb showed up both times with a good reading so I figured after reading other discussions here that it must be the coolgear device.  The drive tested fine and now I’ve run into another problem.  Eh…so is my life. lol.

Cant you connect directly to pc?