SMART Status = Not Available

I have a 1TB WD Caviar Black installed in my machine. When I installed Data LifeGuard for Windows I am not getting a SMART status. It says NOT AVAILABLE. Under the drive properties in DLG it says Health Status: Warning.

However, the drive passes the QUICK TEST just fine. Why am I not getting any SMART Status from the drive. SMART monitoring is enabled in my BIOS and I have the newest nVidia motherboard drivers.



you can test it by MHDD for more detail here[text deleted] 

and you should pay attention on it if have bad blocks. 

If you are plugging the drive into a RAID controller, it may not be passing the SMART information. Try plugging the drive into a non-RAID controller and update the controller BIOS.

Also, running the Quick Test using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics still checks the smart attributes even on a RAID controller.

I have the drive plugged into a SATA prot on my Asus P5ND nForce 750i SLI motherboard. The quick test works fine, but still no SMART status.

Do motherboards have RAID controllers build into them?

Allot of motherboards these days come with three controllers, one EIDE and two SATA, one being RAID and the other being non-RAID. In order for your drive to pass the Data Lifeguard Diagnostics tests, the utility will check the SMART attributes, although, you may not be able to view them yourself, the software can in its internal test routine.

It appears that your motherboard may have two controllers, one EIDE and one SATA RAID.

My HD is plugged into SATA Port # 3 on the MB. My SATA ports 1 and 2 are empty. I will move it to a different port and I bet that will fix the problem. Once I do I will let you know.

I moved the drive to SATA port 1 and made sure RAID is disabled. I still have no SMART status.

Anything else I can try?

That is because you are still using the same RAID controller, you are just on a different port. This is normal behavior for a RAID controller and I would not worry about it.

If you feel there may be a problem with the drive, then simply complete both the Quick and Extended tests using our Data Lifeguard Diagnostics utility. If it passes both tests, then we know the drive is in good health.

When I use DLG 1.17 I get a cable test error on all drives (USB, Internal, and even a media card reader that is no an HD). When I install DLG 1.13 I get clean tests on the HDs.