Hello everyone!

Could anyone please tell me if there is some extended test tool available out there that I can use to be sure that the two drives, I enjoyed for almost 5 years now, in a RAID0 configuration, are really dead?

Did anyone have such an experience? It happened abruptly. Open up a folder and there you see all your stuff. Then try to access some files on the partition and they are not there anymore. It got worse still: the drives are totally useless by now. Tried to split them and format or wipe to no avail. The test with the LifeGuard Diagnostics brings up the Fail status for SMART. Is this the end? (“My only friend”) x)

Please advise.

Thank you.

It looks like they failed.

Confirm the error code you are getting and check with the list of errors on the link bellow.

Data Lifeguard Diagnostics Error Codes


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Thank you for your swift reply.

There is no error code, since the Quick and Extended Tests say that they’ve “Passed”. Just the SMART Status says “Fail”. Also I’m unable to wipe the hdds. It gives some kind of Partition Delete error. I’ve had some recent problems with an ssd that had to be replaced also. I hope it’s not a system issue. I had no problem for almost 5 years with it and now, all of a sudden, drives begin to fail (2 months apart as of occurence, but still, pretty close to each other). Do you guys know of something similar? Is there anything I can do to extensively test the hardware (maybe even the motherboard)?