WD Wireless My Passport with Windows 10 errors

I have a WD My Passport Wireless External HDD with a previously set up wireless connection. My computer recognizes the Wireless with Windows 10 but when I go to log into the computer the way the videos tell me to it does not work. I get some sort of missing internet connection as it tries to look things up with my search engines. I have tried both IE11 as well as Chrome Browser but the closest I can get is a “Twonky” server that does show the content but looks nothing like what I used to see. Is there an updated driver for connection with WIndows 10?
I looked up the “latest driver for my device” and the options say Windows 8.1 or earlier…

I had the same problem when I logged on to Windows 10 using PIN.
When I switched to a local account, with a password, it worked flawless.

I can reproduce that error, and every single time it will fail when logging on to W10 using PIN.

I am not using a pin and what happened to user Zac is happening on my machines. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.