Setting up the Passport with Windows 10

I have just received my Passport and am having problems setting it up with Windows 10. I have followed a YouTube video but my Wireless connection keeps dropping out and the webpage http://mypassport is not available. Are there any instructions for Win 10? Thanks.

Windows 10 should not be a factor. Basically your computer sees a wireless signal from the wireless drive and you connect PC to it. If you have a mobile device, I found it easier to connect to MPW and set it up via an iPad. Be sure your MPW is far enough away from your PC, and other electrical gadgets as this could affect the wireless signal during setup. I actually moved to another room with the MPW and iPad to get away from any interference during setup.

I also have a Windows 10 laptop and a model E2B WD My Passport Wireless external drive. I open up a IE 11 browser and type in “mypassport” as the instructional videos all state and all I get is a search engine report back saying that I don’t have a connection. I have tried this with both IE11 and Chrome. I then tried typing in “http://mypassport/UI/” and I get a “Twonky” server that looks nothing like the videos that came with the drive. Is this the only interface we have with Windows 10?