Setup of My Passport Wireless Pro via non wireless Win 10 desktop?

Two options are given in the manual for initial setup: (1) Computer with wireless functionality: (2) Via Mobile App.

For reasons which I will not bore people with, neither of those two options works for me. I would like to setup the device via my non-wireless desktop computer. I do have wireless in the house but my desktop is connect via ethernet. Is there a way to set-up and manage the device on my non-wireless computer?

So. . . you can’t simply log in using a cell phone and tablet as if it was a wireless computer?

Do you have a media device that can access a web browser? That could work too (no matter how clunky)

I presume your computer does not have a wireless card installed? My computers are wired, but they have wireless cards. I can get onto the MPWP by turning off the wired card and turning on the wireless card.

First of all, thanks for responding.

To the second question, my desktop has no wireless card.

I do have an use of an iPhone and an iPad but they belong to my employer and so I cannot “legally” download unauthorized apps. The WD app would be considered unauthorized. I can access a web browser from both my iPhone and iPad.

I was able to join wirelessly with the device on my iPhone, but where does that get me without the app?

Update . . . I did manage to gain access via the default ip address, so I will try to get this up and running from my iPad tomorrow. (Its at my office, of course.)

You have purchased a MPWP without having the means to set it up. You need uour OWN iPad, not your employers. Never used a PC to set my MPW up, I used MY iPad instead.

Not sure I have ever used the “app” to setup one of these devices. Over the years, I have had to get into the setup of these devices more than twice -> I use a tablet browser window or PC browser depending on which is closer at hand :wink:

Just out of curiosity; how do you intend to USE the passport device? The main use case is generally wireless streaming to a portable device like an iPad. If you are mainly using it on a home network; you might be better served by one of the WD worldbooks that are basically an external HDD with a wired network card attached

This was a gift, and I am trying to see how I could incorporate it in my workflow. Primarily the notion was that it would serve as a storage device to which I could offload video I am planning to take on an upcoming trip overseas. I am exploring the sharing possibilities, e.g. could I use it to stream video and or slideshows for viewing by others. The setup issue was just an intial roadblock to testing this out for possible uses.

This was a gift and, in any event, nothing in the pre-sale literature I saw suggests that you cannot set this up, as is commonly the case with most devices, on an internet connected, but not wireless, desktop computer. So I will see what I can figure out.

Just install the My Clound app on your work iPad or iPhone and get the setup job done. You are going to use it for work aren’t you? Don’t sweat it that you install something on the company equipment. Lots of people do it. If it bothers you, remove whatever you install afterward.