Connecting to internet wireless pro

I just received my passport wireless pro and set up fine on my htc phone and ipad pro but when I tried to setup on win 10 pc having an issue trying to connect to internet. I connect to the device fine and open the dashboard click the wireless icon and then connect to my network put in password and it tries to connect but then fails stating I am not close enough to my router or wrong password, I am sitting right next to my router and password is correct. not sure what to do.

Your PC and MPW may be TOO close to one another and the wireless signals from both may be interfering with one another. So, move the MPW away from all the computer equipment, to across the room and see how things go.

I know that when setting up my MPW I was sure that was causing a problem, so went to another room with an iPad to set the MPW and all went well with the setup.

thank you I will try this asap

I’m having same problem but with IMac. MPW connects fine to IMac computer but when using dashboard to connect the device to my internet using the wireless icon the password is not accepted simply stating that it is incorrect. Over half dozen attempts, always ensuring correct password, and always the same “password incorrect” response. MPW support says a level 2 tech will contact me in the next couple of days. I did try moving the MPW to the other side of the room from my IMac (and there are no other devices in room), but made no difference to response.

Just to check: Are you entering the password for your home network, or something else?

A silly error on my part, related to the password and not anything else, which is now resolved. Thank you for your suggestion and assistance. David

Hello, I am entering my wifi password. I figured it out you have to be away from the router (ie in another room) for it to work.