MPWP setup in PC with no wireless capability

about that tutorial :
Can I setup the MPWP in PC with no wireless capability in my computer? because I’m using wired connection for my internet not wireless.

If you do not have a wireless router, you can not connect your MPWP to your computer through a wired connection. Other than USB of course, but then you should just buy a regular My Passport for much less than the equivalent sized MPWP. If you have a wireless router, you could connect the MPWP to the router and then connect to it via the wired connection that would go to that router.

yes I have a router, but how I can connect MPWP to my router?

You will need some kind of wireless device. Either a computer, smart phone or tablet. With that you connect to the MPWP through the WiFi on the actual device. You can then configure the device to connect to your router through WiFi. The only problem I have found is that you have to reconnect each time you turn off and turn back on the MPWP.