Cannot connect to internet when using MyPassort Wireless


I am having problem setting up MyPassport Wireless in Windows 10. I am connected to internet with my home wi-fi. When I turn on the device and connect to the the MyPassport wi-fi connection it states ‘No internet, open’ and I can no longer use the internet to access http://mypassport

The internet page states server not found. Should there not be a place to enter the home wi-fi password so I can connect to the internet and still be connected to the MyPassport wi-fi connection?

If I open network and sharing center and go to the MyPassport wi-fi settings and under security enter the home wi-fi password, the laptop disconnects from MyPassort wi-fi automatically and then connects to home wi-fi.

Please help.

Your questions indicate to me you do not quite know how this all works. That’s OK, gotta learn sometime.

First, some questions:
You do have the wireless drive, right?
Which one; the first model or the second gen Pro model?

Do you have the complete user manual on your drive or did you download it from WS Support, AND are you referring to it for assist?

Have you first set the MPW as per full manual or quick guide? Before you do anything with the thing you need to connect your device (phone, tablet, or PC) to the wireless signal the MPW emits by using the My Cloud app on a mobile device or, via the MPW Dashboard on a browser of PC. If you have mobile devices, I suggest use it and not PC.

Once you have a device connected to the MPW signal and can access and play the Sample Media on it, you are ready to concurrently connect the MPW to you rhome network SSID, and (if you have internet service) it will also be connected to the internet as well. Once connected this way you will be connecting to the MPW wirelessly to both the home network and the internet when on your home network signal, NOT the MPW signal. All these instructions so far are done wirelessly and without the MPW connected to your PC USB port. If you want to add data (i.e. media files) to your MPW, the best way is when the MPW is connected to PC’s USB port. Doing so wirelessly is the SLOW and tedious way.

Example: I have copied gigabytes of movie and music files to my MPW (gen1) by connecting the MPW to the USB port of PC just like any other drive and using Windows copy commands.

My MPW is also connected to my home network each time it is turned on, and in this way the range of the MPW is all over the house.

Enough info for now, so will await your reply.


Thanks for your reply and help.

I have the 1st gen MPW. I downloaded the full manual, which made things a LOT easier. When I entered the device IP address ( I got the MPW dashboard and could then connect to the home wi-fi network using the wi-fi password.

Thanks again for your help.


Sounds like you are up and running. Congrats! Be sure to click on “Solved” for this issue for others to see.