MPW not found by my cloud app?

Don’t know what I am doing wrong. I put the MPW on my home network, updated the software, even plugged it in to my computer to add files through USB. But when I unplug it from computer, go to the my cloud app on my iPhone6Plus, it doesn’t find the MPW. I try to add new device, I make sure the MPW is on, but still no go. Any suggestions? Also, how do I setup the hotspot feature, so only my phone see’s the MPW? am I to asume I just turn off the wifi?

When you put a MPW onto your home network, you have to disconnect your phone, tablet from the MPW unique wireless signal (My Passport) and get onto to your home network’s wifi signal.  Both the phone  and MPW have to be on the same network.

Both phone and MPW are on the same network.

How do you know this?  Do you see the MPW to network connection shown on the Dashboard first page?

If you don’t have the full user manual you need to download it from the WD support site.

Yep Miller-Village has the manual, in docx format so his Mac can read it to him (I’m assuming him!). He is blind so it makes support for a visual product quite difficult. :dizzy_face:

Anyway Miller-Village, if you had the MPW connected to your Mac via USB to transfer files, the MPW would have shut down its wireless hotspot. I think from memory it is recommended that the MPW be turned off when you connect it via USB to a computer. In that case it starts up without the wireless hotspot. If you do connect it to a computer via USB while it is turned on, the MPW will shut down and restart without the wireless hotspot.

When you eject the MPW from your Mac and disconnect it the MPW should shut down. You will then need to restart it either on battery or its charger, using the power button. It should then reconnect to your home wireless network, and the MPW wireless hotspot should be available on your iPhone, in addition to your home wireless network.

However, I just did a test and when the MPW restarted on its charger it did not immediately reconnect to my home network. Even when I pressed the WPS button to get a flashing LED it didn’t connect. I took the dogs for a half hour walk and when I got back it was connected.

Also, while you had the MPW connected to the Mac via USB, your iPhone 6Plus would have automatically disconnected from the MPW hotspot and reconnected to the only wireless network it could find, which was you home network. So if you want to direct connect to the MPW, you have to get your iPhone to connect to the MPW hotspot again first, then My Cloud will find it.

But if you get the MPW to connect to your home network, which the iPhone is still connected to, then My Cloud will find it via your home network.

I haven’t noticed this delay in reconnecting to my home network before, but I don’t use the MPW USB connected very often.

I guess the answer to the problem you saw Miller-Village is simply:

Wait a while for the MPW to reconnect.


Direct connect your iPhone to the MPW and force the MPW to connect to your home network again.

I thought I had changed my MPW wifi password, but when I enter what I setup as the admin password, it is not working. Is that not the pass word I am suppose to be using?

There are two separate passwords that user can set into the MPW.  One is to get on the MPW wifi, the other is for the admistrator so that no one can administer the settings unless they have the admin password.  They can even be the same password, but better to be different.  I have a wifi password set but not the administer’s.

Once you (or a guest) has entered the wifi password to enter the MPW, it does not need to be entered again unless one totally disconnects from the MPW (i.e. using forget this network)  In otherwords, you do not need to enter the password again under normal conditions.  The fact that you are being asked to enter it is a mystery to me.

Regarding your blindness:  I have a lot of empathy for you, because I am almost totally blind, too.  One eye is totally blind, and the other is about half blind.  Often I cannot see well enough to see the computer stuff, but meds help my vision enough each day to reach a level where I can see well enough for this task.  I have no idea what I could do if I become totally blind, so I have to give you kudos for what you can do…

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1 last question. am I safe to asume, when I am not on my home network, I can just push the hotspot feature, and I can still stream it’s content? If so, where do I connect and stream at, is it still in the my cloud app?

Well, here is a for instance situation that likely can answer your question. 

You are currently at home using your MPW that is on the home network.  You decide to go to the coffee shop and take the MPW with you.  You turn on the MPW there, and since it cannot find your home wi-fi it will just emit it’s MyPassport signal and you connect to it.  (Whenever the MPW is turned on (even at home) it emits its MyPassport signal, even if set to get onto the home network.  This signal stays on for a few minutes (5 or 10) so you can connect to it instead of the home network.  You can get off it and get on the home network so you also have internet, etc.  You use the My Cloud app as you have been using,  You can even use other apps that can connect to the MPW – I do – but how and why is beyond this discussion for now.

Meanwhile, back at the coffee shop.  when you are on the MyPassport signal, you can direct the MPW to connect to the coffee shop’s wifi hotspot so you can get on the internet, too, like at home.  It’s the same principle as at home.

You turn it off and head for home, and when you get back home and turn it back on it should get on your home wifi automatically.  If not, just select your home wifi signal and get onto it again. It should not ask you to put in a passwrd since it is saved in the app (or MPW).  That is about all there is to it.