MPW - Unable to connect to home network


Can anyone help me with the problem below:

When i connect MPW with my mac, the home network disappers from the list of networks and doesnt show on my laptop and is also not visible in the dashboard. 

When i dc the MPW, my home network comes back on the mac?? Does it have anything to do with the IP addresses?

I have tried rebooting everything (System Reset Included)

I just bought the MPW and its brand new.

Please help.

Power up your MPW on its charger, not on a USB to any PC.

Direct connect your laptop to the MPW wireless.

On your laptop, use the Dashboard to connect the MPW to your home network.

If that doesn’ work, expalin more about your hardware.

Are the Mac your laptop the same PC?

Do you have a smartphone that can connect to the MPW?

Is this how you are trying to connect?

laptop/phone -> MPW -> Home Network.

No Luck.Tried connecting to direct Power and trying to connect to Home Network via MPW.

Scenario: (Both Mac and Iphone)

When the mac or iphone is connected to the mpw wifi, the home network is not visible in the list. It kind of disappaers. The MPW is sitting rite next to the wireless router.

Yes trying to connect:  laptop/phone -> MPW -> Home Network.

it did connect once in the morning but in evening the problem started.