WD Website Sux

Just bought a 4TB MyCloud, fairly satisfied with it so far (full use TBD). But I must say, WD, that its a good thing you sell hardware, because if you were a web-based business you would already be out of business. To start with the guy at the store told me I would have to register to get it working. Well, OK, I guess. So I bring it home and the POS website won’t recognize my cloud. I was about to return it but decided to try the local host access software. My network is fine. The machine works fine. But it can’t register me automatically because it can’t reach the web site. Surprise! I have a firewall. Who woulda thunk it? Obviously not the dorks who wrote the web site. So I go to REGISTER.WD.COM so I can register. Seems fairly intuitive, right? Nothing on the opening page ANYWHERE about registering! I actually had to use the SEARCH feature to find it! Unbelievable!!! You should fire all the morons currently in charge of the web site and hire some people who actually have a clue about your business. I hope the host software works better than the web site, else I WILL be back here for an RMA. My $0.02. --Phil M.

Read the ‘Quick Start Guide’ that came in the box.

Follow path 2 ‘mobile devices’. Setup is fairly simple, and you can defer registration if you don’t need remote access yet.

And read the manual; I’d suggest skipping to the chapter on the ‘Dashboard’.

Good luck.