WD utilities not working at all

Hi Everyone

I installed the WD drive utilities so I could try and scan my WD black 2TB drive because it’s started going bad. I’m running windows 7 64bit. The software seemed to install okay but when I open the program it just says attach a supported WD drive. My computer is full of WD drives, about 5 of them including the faulty one but not one of them is detected???

Is the software not designed to work with internal drives but external USB ones only?

I also tried installing wd drive manager, it seemed to install correctly but when the install finished the user interface doesn’t come up. The service is running and I can stop and start it but I can’t get the UI to come up. The service for WD utils shows up and seems to be running but when I try to stop and restart it is non responsive.

I uninstalled and re-installed programs both together and one a time while restarting windows many times but the outcome is the same. Also, when I uninstalled the utils software the service was still running, even after a reboot. I had to remove the service from the registry, stop it in msconfig service startup and delete the program files before it wouldn’t come up anymore.

I tried googling about wd utils and attach a supported WD drive but there is no relative information. Can anyone tell me what’s going on here?


WD utilities and WD drive manager are only for external USB drives.