WD drive utilities not working,

Desktop Wd drive utility app does not recognize any drive attached. Although it is working and is recognized by computer.

Which device do you have? I see you’ve posted this under My Cloud Home, but this device is not supported by WD Drive Utilities.

The following is from the Drive Utilities help page:

The WD Drive Utilities software supports the following WD external hard drives:

  • My Passport®
  • My Passport Edge™
  • My Passport Ultra™
  • My Passport Ultra Metal Edition
  • My Passport Slim™
  • My Passport SSD
  • My Book®
  • My Book Duo
  • The following Mac drives when they have been reformatted for Windows operating systems:
    • My Passport for Mac
    • My Passport Edge for Mac
    • My Passport Air™
    • My Passport Studio™
    • My Book for Mac (USB 3.0)
    • My Book for Mac
    • My Book Studio (USB 3.0)
    • My Book Pro

Note: The WD Drive Utilities software does not support:

  • Other manufacturers’ hard drives
  • WD hard drives that were not originally configured for the WD Drive Utilities software

Where can you find the Utilities software download for this product?

From what I can see this product doesn’t appear anywhere on WD Downloads & Products on their website and I’m wondering if it’s unsupported now. Seems strange that this would be case though as it’s only 7 years old…