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i have a WD My Book Live i am using a win 10 laptop when i click start then scroll to WD ( i have a folder called WD Discovery ) and in there i have WD Drive Utilities but when i click on it i get a box which says WD Drive Utilities but then it says Attach a supported WD drive . Am i missing something ? Thanks

looking at this post (cut’n’paste below) … The My Book Live is not in the Supported by WD Drive Utilities.

The WD Drive Utilities software supports the following WD external hard drives:

My Passport®
My Passport Edge™
My Passport Ultra™
My Passport Ultra Metal Edition
My Passport Slim™
My Passport SSD
My Book®
My Book Duo
The following Mac drives when they have been reformatted for Windows operating systems:
    My Passport for Mac
    My Passport Edge for Mac
    My Passport Air™
    My Passport Studio™
    My Book for Mac (USB 3.0)
    My Book for Mac
    My Book Studio (USB 3.0)
    My Book Pro

You probably need an old version of WD Discovery. Most likely Version 1.80. Do a Google search for “” This version should allow you to find the legacy products such as WDTVLive, WD My Book Live and WD My Cloud. I just have very old WD Legacy products to stream my movies. Fortunately I have kept all of my old software from each drive I purchased from WD.

Try this site

Hope this info helps