WD TV Stuck in Loading State


WD TV Media Player stuck in loading state.
Has been that way for some 16 hours now.
Turning off power, waiting then turning it back on doesn’t change anything


Hi Walker73,

You can try resetting the WD TV Media player and check if the issue still persists.

You can refer the link given below to know the steps to reset.



I’ve done that multiple times.
I think the whole is the SMB1 security issue.



SMB1 is a Network Protocol has got nothing to do with the “Booting” of a WD TV

Stuck in a loading state is most commonly caused by a bad firmware flash or a corrupted firmware.

Google “wd tv recovery firmware”


Yes but what started all of this was an inability to transfer files(movie files) from hard drive to media hard drive in my wireless internal home network.
Also WD seems to be no longer capable of reaching the Internet without considerable network (physical) re-configuring. I am probably several firmware generations behind now.
It was like one day I couldn’t move files and I had done nothing to the physical network.