WD TV no longer detects WD hard drive?

Worked fine yesterday - I had a 2tb WD Elements hard drive connected via USB (front port) - today, it no longer sees it.  I have done a factory reset and am still getting the same message that the previously connected storage is no longer connected (basically) - do I want to search for another?  This tells me that it didn’t really do a factory reset, right?  How would it know about the drive that was connected before the factory reset?

How long does a factory reset take?  And does it come back on, on its own?  I sure hated my Boxee, but I never had to do a factory reset on it.  I’ve had this thing for 2 days, for crying out loud…

Any help would be much appreciated - getting frustrated…:cry:

test that HD by plugging it into the usb port of a pc… does the pc read it?  Can you browse the files?

Yes, I just had it hooked up to my laptop - works fine and sees everything. I also had a 1tb hard drive plugged in the back USB port of the player and it couldn’t see it either.  That one had been plugged in that spot since Friday and had not been unplugged at all.

unplug wdtv

unplug HD from usb

plug in wdtv

wait for it to start

plug in HD to usb

wait 5 sec

any lights blinking on HD or wdtv?

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Thank you - I unplugged everything, waited five minutes (I actually thought of this right after my last reply - it’s a standard IT ‘fix-all’, right?), plugged everything back in, waited for the screen to come up (came up right where I left off, which tells me it didn’t do a factory reset).  I plugged in the HD, the light is flashing on the HD and on the front of the WDTV, and it says it’s ‘connecting to the USB storage’.  It never took longer than a minute before.  I click ‘ok’ on Videos and usually it says it’s still connecting and I click “I’ll wait”.  No, it says “Content source not found - the previously selected content source has been disconnected.  Would you like to browse a different source?”  Again, this tells me it didn’t do a factory reset. I didn’t have to set anything up, my Netflix still comes up atuomatically, etc.

What am I doing wrong?

woah… slow down a sec.

Do you want to do a factory reset or do you want to get the HD stuff working.

Pick one and we will fix that first

Ha, I was doing the factory reset TO get it to see my HD. That was the overall answer when I searched these forums.

Okay, I’ll listen to you.

ok, so after unplugging power and replugging, did it work? Are we done or does it still not see the HD…

p.s. I have a fix for the titles with THE in them if you want it

Oh sorry, I want to get the HD working again.

I was asking this question… Did unplugging fix the issue

Unbelievable - yes, it did, thank you!

And, you have a quicker fix for my “The” issue rather than me manually editing all my xml files?

factory reset–

1 way to do it is

setup button on remote

arrow down to system

arrow up 5 times to Device Reset.

choose reset all settings back to factory

answer yes

wait for it to finish

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I thought we had moved on to my “the” issue…