WD TV Media Player - 1TB FAT32 Intenso Hard Drive not working on it

My FAT32 1TB Intenso Hard Drive not working on my WD TV Media Player which I’ve had for a day now. It doesn’t register on the player.

Please can someone help and tell me what to do?

Hello and welcome to the WD community.

Try to connect the drive to both USB ports on the unit to see if the drive come up, I would like to know if the drive spins up when you connect it to the Unit.

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Hi, I’ve tried both slots and it doesn’t work. They both whir for about 5-10 seconds then stop.

Do you know what to do now?

Thanks for the help

Is this drive a portable or does it have its own power source ? It could be that it is not getting enough power. Try a different USB cable to see if you have the same issue. Also does the drive work when you connect it to a computer? 

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The drive doesn’t need a power source. It’s a special cable so I cannot test it with another cable. It works when I connect it to a computer.

Could it be that it’s FAT32?

Thanks for the help.