WD TV Live wont play movies on ext HD

hi all - fist time user hoping for some advice please. I have succefully been using my TV Live for more than a year but all of a sudden it won’t read my ext HD (Seagate 2TB)…it compiles a menu of whats on the HD but when I select, I get the circle of death and the blue light on the HD remains solid where it used to flash. I’ve connected the Ext HD to my computer and all movies play fine so the problem doesnt seem to be with the HD. I’ve turned it off, downloaded new firmware, ch dsk… Any ideas most welcome. thanks in anticipation!!

Yes it seems that the new fw they release do that.

And i believe you have the problem on files bigger than 2gb.

thanks Michaeldk - I am pretty sure that the issue fist arose before I used the new firmware but not certain. And even small files smaller than 1gb wont play - very frustrating! 

So if I understand correctly, your SMP sees the drive which is attached to the rear USB port and creates a file listing in the Media Library. But when you select one of the video files it does not play?

If they are mp4 files then this has been discussed in many threads here, some users do have a problem with that specific container. Are they visible from the Files tab, and playable?

The usual advice is to reset the device completely to see if that helps.

thanks Gary - as it so happens, I turned off the unit for an hour and surprisingly it is all working again. I tried this previously and also did a reset…a fickle device ! ciao