WD live tv media player not reading movie files

I am hoping someone could help me with an issue currently with my WD Live TV media player. I have all my files backed up on a WD external hardrive and a WD passport HD. All of a sudden I can not play my mp4 movie files. I can see them in my folders but when I press play the orange arrow circle just keeps spinning, i reset and was abble to watch one file but after trying to watch another the
same thing happened. I am not a techo wizzard but can usually fix minor issues, so after trying all the usual fixes of reseting and power off etc i am at a loss to fixing, I have the latest update. I have never had this issue before and my media player has been working well up until now…any help for this not so young mum would be much aprecciated

Firstly, you’re in the wrong forum … this forum is WDTV Media Player (Personal Edition) released 2014

not the WDTV Live Streaming … released 2011  (i will notify a mod to move this post)

Secondly, if you read the forums you’ll notice for the last several weeks people having issues mainly with MP4 files on the Latest Firmware 2.02.32

eg. http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-TV-Live-Streaming/Firmware-2-02-32-Not-playing-all-mp4-files/td-p/778481

So, if you updated to that version recently … then that’s the likely cause.

Advice ?  Rollback to Firmware Version 2.01.86   and wait until WD release the next Firmware Update that will hopefully address the issues.

Follow the steps in my  Rollback Guide.


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thanks so much, I am new to this so my appologies for posting in the wrong forum, I will give this a go and let you know if it works

no probs :smiley:  yes, i hope it resolves the issue