Mp4 playback issues 1st time after 3 years

For the first time after 3 years my wd tv live is facing problems playing mp4 files. System recognizes the file, but when I press play the file is loading and then it returns to home screen. Same files are playing perfectly in both my tv via usb and my pc/ipad. I have also tried the usb stick in my wd, but still nothing. I am using the same firmware 2.02.32, since the day it was released without any issues, so i dont believe its a mattter of firmware.
Any ideas?

Alex, Welcome to the WD Community.

Is this happening with any files or just the Mp4?

Can you please try resetting the unit.

Hi Alex,

The Mp4 file that you are having problems with did it start in the last week or two?

I am facing the same problem with my wd. I did reset and nothing happened. I still have the same problem. Wd can read the files i have already in the disc but if i import something new it can’t load it… I tried with mp4 files only. Please give my a solution

The problem appears only with MP4 files.
I have reset the media player but nothing.
Yes, the problem started a couple of weeks ago.

Hi guys… Any solution with the problem ??? Now i am facing another problem… Wb can’t see greek subs… In the past i had no problem with it…

Hi… Is there any administrator even to suggest a solution on this one? where is everyone? your support is zero. unacceptable

Yes Alex I am having exactly the same problem so a solution from Tech Support would be appreciated

If you want WD Tech Support … you need to contact them (this is just a user-to-user forum)

Tech support is a joke no support what so ever

I ‘created a ticket’ for the assistance of Western Digital Support (I only had the need for it one time) and was nonplussed when I didn’t hear back. They say to give them 48 hours. But though, 4 days aftewards they did respond, and the instructions in their email were correct and they worked. I did point out that they were slow in responding whereupon they accepted that and apologised. So unless you really think there’s no chance of Support helping, create a ticket as that’s what they’re there for and if they do respond it’s likely to be good advice from WD whose business it is to provide the correct help and further follow up on the ticket if their first response doesn’t fit the need. As for not getting a response, if that happened to me I’d paste all the information into another ticket, and another, etc., so they know to sort it out as I’m not going to go away!

I don’t send emails or do tickets. I call them when I need help!