WD TV Live & WD MYbook Live - Display Thumbnails?

Im sure this has been asked many many times but I have tried searching and cant seem to get it to work.

I have things setup as follows -

WD TV Live   -  >  Ethernet  -  >  Wifi Router


WD MYBook Live (2TB HDD)  -  >  Ethernet  -  >  Wifi Router

The player is connected to the HDD via the ethernet network.  I cannot for the life of me get the movies, folders etc to display a thumbnail image.

I have tried folder.jpg, I have tried filename.jpg / filename.mkv matches, I have even tried filename.without.spaces.jpg / filename.without.spaces.mkv.

Can this be done over a networked drive, is this my issue?

Or do I need special software to integrate the filename with a jpg a bit like with itunes or something?

thanks in advance


Check if this thread helps.


That kind of helped.  Does each movie have to be in its own folder for it to work?

At the moment I have each video in its folder but under category - ie

HD Movies

TV Series

Mobile Movies

The problem is in folder view it will not show the thumbnail, and in view all it shows literally everything?

Any hints?