Thumbnails re Network Folders

I finally have my Windows 7, Network Folders with WDTV Live set up and working nicely. I have folders for TV Series, Movies as a list and Movies as Genre categories. The folder thumbnails look really nice but I had a bit of an education getting this far.

The main problem I have is if I want to change a thumbnail to another image - WDTV Live won’t show the new image and continues to show the old image or just a blank. I assume that on start up WD simply pulls up the data from the cache to speed things up. To get around this I have to change the name of my WIN7 shared folder from say Movies to Movie’s. Then share the new folder name in WIN7 again. This forces WD to scan the new folder Movie’s that has all my changes in it and the new thumbnails all show up. Of course if I want to make more changes in the future I have to do all this again - maybe change the name to Movies’ or whatever.

My question is this:

How can I force WDTV to load my folder data FRESH  - bypassing the cache?

(so I won’t have to change my folder names to make thumbnail changes) Is there a WD option for this? I’m running out of folder names to change to :slight_smile:


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I thought you could force a cache refresh by going to standby and then pulling the power cord?  

Once you put the power back in, it’ll boot and subsequent network access will rescan the folders for thumbnails.

That’s how it use to work in previous firmwares, I assume it’s still the same now.  :)

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Thanks PixelPower Ill try that when I want to make some more changes down the road.

It would be nice to hear from WD on this as well,  as others must have problems in this area.