Help badly needed - NAS setup

I am a noob to this and have just bought a WD TV Live and will probably be taking it back as it does not seem to do what the marketing suggests.

My media is stored on a Buffalo Linkstation with the media server enabled.  However, when I go into the video, or music option on the WD TV, I just see every folder in the network media server, and I have to drill down to several levels to find the video or music folders.  When I eventually arrive there, I just get a folder list with no thumbnails.

I assumed that when I selected video’s, it would immdeiately show the the thumbnail view of the movies available.

If my current experience of drilling down is necessary, it will have to go back as the wife and kids will never cope with that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Access it via “NETWORK SHARES” instead of “MEDIA SERVERS”, and set the FILTER to whatever you like.

Thanks for this.

It works slightly better but when I select video, I then need to select the ‘movies’ folder before I can see the films. Can it be dont so they just all display when I select video?

Some films have thumbnails and others do not.  By each film there is a big white box with nothing in it apart from a heart.  Can I get it to display just the thumbnail?


Set your filter to something other than FOLDER.

You can look in the THEME section of the HUB forum for info on how to see only thumbnails and no titles.