Wd tv live slow over wifi

Just received wd tv live for xmas…usb amazing feature! However, steaming from my Vista pc isn’t working…i can see the files on my pc but it just hangs…i did manage to play one file 350mb in size but stuttered too much. Will hard wire WD into my switch soon but thought the wifi would be better.  I have a Dlink DIR 615 wireless router…anyone else experiencing the same?



Wired definitely works best. However, depending on what wireless adapter and router you are using and how well they play together,you can have very good luck with wifi. I have been using my Live Plus with wifi and I have no trouble streaming 25Mbps video. A lot of others on this board have done the same.

yes i expected it to work better…is there any software that i should install on my pc to help? thanks pk

ok am very new to this so no flaming…solved the issue…you need to enable media sharing (duh) and use something like windows media player…i messed with the buffer rate and everything works perfect…almost thinking to not bother with the ethernet wiring.

Hi I am having same problems with wd tv , how do u setup the buffer?

Thanks a lot

I am having the same problem. When I set it to media server, it finds my pc  name and just gets things that happened to be in my documents. When I go to network shares and choose windows share to try to get media added, a red x appears outside the box and a yellow circle appears that circles several times and then stops dead. At that point, I cannot get the box to do anything, not home, not back, nothing. I have to unplug it to get back to the home page. All of the files I want to add have been set to be shared on the network already, so that should not be the problem. The media library is set  on. Yes, I am really a newbie to media players that use wifi to share a network comprised of external drives. However, a music folder from one of the drives is synced and works nicely. I just have not been able to get any video from my external drives. And I have not been able to get to a point where I can choose what folders I want the box to scan. Please help.