I got network share to work in WIRED but not WIRELESS. Very strange!

I connect my Live + to WIRED ethernet and my file sharing work and I can stream from my computer.

Now keeping everything the same except I plug in a wireless USB and after I do the SSID and authentication and everything is working and internet is working too, but now when I go to my WORKGROUP, it says “There is no media in the current folder”.

I didnt get this message when it is WIRED.  Now WIRLESS, I see this message.

I need help.

So the servers show up, but when you select them, it says NO MEDIA?   

What happens if, after you receive this error, you wait a few seconds and try again?

It’s doubtful EVERYTHING is the same, unless you’re MANUALLY inputting the IP address and everything else.   If you’re using DHCP, or “Automatic” network configuration, then it’s likely you’re getting different IP address on WiFI versus wired, in which case a firewall rule could be preventing WiFi clients from accessing the files.

My computer is not doing well today. I had a network crash.

I have to plug and unplug my router and modem.

Then I thought I reboot my computer because even when I had it WIRED back, it still doesnt work!!!  That give me the hint.

Now I reboot my computer and had it WIRED, it work again.

Then I try the WIRLESS and now it work !!!

My USB donger came today and it is only $5 AR and it work fine.  Ran a 1080p movie and no frame drop.  Watch/FF for like 10 mins.  This donger is not even on the WD approved list.  Go figure!