WD TV Live Plus Limited Public Beta Firmware Version 1.04.22_B (3/3/11)

This is a limited public beta release version of the firmware. Feel free to install it, but be aware this is beta firmware we are still testing so use it at your own risk. If you are not comfortable with this, please wait for the final version. 

Do not contact customer support for issues found with this firmware.  Rather, post your experiences to this thread.  


WD TV Live Plus Firmware Limited Public Beta Release


Problems during or after firmware upgrade**  **


Before you rollback to an earlier Firmware (KBA # 5800) or contact Product Support, please try some of these methods to resolve the problem you are experiencing.  Try each method to see if it fixes your issue before progressing to the next method.

The WD TV does not complete firmware upgrade:

  1. Retry by using the upgrade FW on a different USB drive. 
  2. Load an earlier FW (KBA # 5800) onto a different USB drive to downgrade, and then try upgrading again using a different USB drive.
  3. Load an earlier FW (KBA # 5800) and then try upgrading via online update.


Network specific issues:

  1. Redo Network Setup:  Settings/Network Settings/Network Setup.
  2. Clear your Network Shares logins:  Settings/Network Settings/ “Clear login info for Network Share.”  Then re-login.

All issues:  

  1. Reset your unit through the user interface: Settings/System/”Reset to factory defaults”
  2. Hard reset by momentarily pressing a pin in the “Reset” hole on the bottom of the WD TV unit. (This will reset the unit back to defaults without eliminating any media or personal files)
  3. Delete the “.wd_tv” folder from your USB attached Hard Drive using a PC.  Reattach USB to the WD TV
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