Wd tv live media hub loses files

hi anybody experiencing the same as i

loaded 622 films on to the harddrive and it worked fine. turned it off went back to it a day later and now only 534 films are on the harddrive (latest firmware is installed)done a reset and files are back, turned it off, go back a day later files are gone again, do a reset files come back.do i have a faulty hub or is this a problem with the software/firmware.

thanks for any replys


Never seen this problem before

Either corrupted files are something else

reformat the drive and add the files again

hi thanks for your reply

curious you say about reformating the drive i didnt need to do this at first it seemed to be formatted and ready to go

will reformat and see how it goes

the fact that nobody has seen this problem before makes me think that i have a dodgy hub.

Jason - how about a little more info. Obviously the files aren’t gone from the hard drive. Are you using the Library to display the files? If so, can you instead Browse to the drive and see and play the files? Is it always the same files that go away? If you are using the Library does re-building it fix the problem or does it really take a complete re-set of the device?

I have a long, bad relationship with the Library and like to know all the ways it can screw things up.