Help Please. Live hub freezes and when rebooted files lost

Hi Guys, I’m a owner of WD’s Live hub(latest firmware).Yesterday, I was getting the content info for my DVD movie half-way it freezed and I couldn’t do anything about it.So, I did a hard reboot(Unplugging of the power cable). Surprisingly, all my movies are now missing and I couldn’t find them even if I enter my network share.

What i’m puzzled about is how can so many files be deleted in a split sec ?

What could be the reason for this ?

Is my hard drive going to be okay ?

Is it a problem from the new firmware(The new on seems to be very buggy) ?

Thanks for you help (In advance).Appreciate.

Are you able to see the internal drive of your WD TV Live Hub from your computer? If so, try to scan your drive for errors.

I’ll try that :slight_smile: Thanks,

I can’t seem to scan the harddrive. I can only access the wd tv live hub harddrive as a network drive. What can I do now ?