Please Help! Loads of files

Hi there,

I have just spent hours uploading all the new files to my WD Live TV Hub. When I look via the computer everything with the files are fine. However when I go to search the film, there are several copies of them. If I delete one copy, that removes the whole lot! Any help…

I have since lost 200 Films when I got rid of the first file! Not happy.

Try rebuilding the media library on the hub, from the setup menu.

This seems to be an issue with the new firmware.  I have the same issue, anytime I put something onto the hub from my network It creates a copy of either all files in folders or the folders themselves even though the computer only shows one of each.  Rebuilding the media library will fix the issue, but it will continue to happen when you add folders.  Hopefully WD fixes this with next update, it is extremly annoying.