Video files disappearing in the list

Hello everyone,

I’ve had the WD Live Hub for a couple of weeks now but I am still annoyed by a bug in my video files list.

Sometimes it doesn’t list all the video files in a folder.

For example, 2 days ago I had a list of 68 movies in a folder. Today when I turned on the WD Live Hub, the same folder showed only 12 movies, even after the Hub said “compiling list…”. Of course I didn’t delete any files on the HDD (and all the files are still here when looking to the HDD via my network and Windows Vista)

Any way to solve this issue please ?

Thanks in advance.


Can you give us a bit of information, what firmware you have. Also, where are this movie located? USB drives, network, or the internal drive of the device?

Okay I have another post about a network issue, but I just encountered the same issue. I had transferred files firstly from a USB sync & second via windows explorer through the network. The latter files that I transferred through the network didnt show until I did a complete power disconnect/connect & as usual it was compiling the library. When it was done the files transferred from the network weren’t to be seen & the files that I had originally deleted that were synced via USB can now be seen…WIERD!@!