Lost Files

The folder with all my blu-ray rips no longer appears on the hub. These movies were located on an external WD drive connected to the hub. I updated to the latest firmware last night. This morning I was able to find my movies but choose to watch something out of my “TV” folder. When I went back to view my blu-ray folder, it was no longer there. I ejected the drive and plugged it into my computer and still the folder remains missing. In addition, the drive shows half of the drive as empty, which was not the case previously - there was about 500gb of Blu-Ray. I’m currently checking the drive for errors but am very concerned that all these movies are gone. Any advice/suggestions would be appreciatted.

Sounds like something similar to what has been happening to me twice now I have lost files on 1 drive and it is the same drive. I shuffled the USB ports on all the drive to see if it happens again and if so if it is the drive or the usb port.

Fortunatly I have complete backups of all my drives

Good to know its not just me. Were you able to distinguish whether or not it was the port or any possible causes?

No I don’t know how to check all that stuff or if even I can. I know I have been clearing media library alot getting some xmls all straightened out but the same drive twice has me suspect.

Interesting… I was adding meta data around the same time this happened. I wonder if there is a bug that has to do with the meta-source???

Over 1/2 TB of lost files!  - I had a 1.5 TB WD Caviar Green HD plugged in via the USB port.  The metadata auto feature did  good job on 2 folders - one marked “movies” the other “movies w/subs”. I went through “movies” folder and manually added a few movie thumbs then went on to the next folder to do the same.  Everyting was working just fine. I went back to look at the “movies” folder and could not find it in the videos selection. Ok, so I then looked in the files selection - no folder marked “movies” it is GONE! 

Figured it may be a bug in the media library causing folder not to show up. So I ejected the USB drive, powered it off, connected it to a PC and powerd drive back up. My hard drive now has 800gb of free space and the “movies” folder  is nowhere to be found! Drive should have had only about 50 gig of free space - so I lost ~ 100 movies.

I have never had an issue loosing data before. Can’t think of anything I did wrong. Was not deleting anything from hub file options menu, was adding metadata. My best guess is a bug in the metadata writing to the HD.

Any help on if I should connect up any other drives full of movies?  The Live Hub (upgraded to 3.00.28) is only a week old and replaces the Gen! WDTV box. 


I’d roll back to a previous version of firmware. I lost the same amount. I did a disk check with no errors/bad sectors found. All the movies just got removed from the drive when I was looking up metadata.I’ve bought a second external drive to back everything up on and am not plugging anything into the hub until I roll it back to one of the 2.0 versions of the firmware. I hope the developers are on this. I’ve loved the hub up until now.

@ Allan34. Yes I have been using few USB external drives for years with  the Gen1 WDTV box and never a file lost.  The new Live Hub has some nice features but lost data kills all the joy.  It appears that every time you add metadata it does a media library update and jpgs and xml files get written to the drive containing the movies; in this case an external USB drive.  With auto content info turned on at the same time one is adding manual metadata and if you proceed to add metadata on the next movie while the Live Hub is still rebuilding the library … well who knows.  With all the writing data to HD & maybe there is delayed writing to help speed thing up that ends in a glitch that delets the file folder being worked on.

Auto get content info is a fairly new feature - maybe it is the culprit.

All idle conjecture on my part until a developer looks at this or at least suggests where or what I could have done wrong.

BTW The program Photorec seems to be about the only freeware I have found that will identify and recover .MKV files.  You need to restore data to another drive and be willing to let it run for days. But it does work. Of course it does not recover the file names by creates stuff like F799122832.mkv. So you are left having to play and then rename the files accordingly.

The USB 1.5 TB drive appears to be healthy and so far no clue how the file called “movies” got deleted in the first place.

Still running 3.00.28 but have not connected any more USB drives to the Live Hub. The internal 1TB drive has been playing perfectly, including the get auto content and manual metadata collecting.