New files not appearing on hub

Hello all,

I have had the live tv hub for a month now with only a few minor problems that I have manged to resolve on my own until now.

I have recently noticed that the hub isn’t displaying new files on my hard drive that I have connected to it. I have added about 30 new movies to the hard drive over the last few days and it just won’t find them no matter what I try.This includes switching media libary off.
I have seen numerous posts suggesting restarting the hub in order to get the files but I am reluctant go do this in case i lose any files on the hub.
Can anyone help with issue? It’s becoming very frustrating.

Why would you lose any files on the Hub from simply doing a restart or reset? Neither process is going to magically erase content already on the internal drive.

Do your movies show up in the Files folder?  I’ve only had my WDLTVHub a week but I’ve noticed that if I copy over my DVDs as VOB files as they are on the original DVD then my movies show up in the Videos folder but if I rip my DVDs and encode them as say .mkv files then my movies only show up in the Files folder.  Is that just my system or is this the same for everyone? 

I haven’t played around with audio formats yet or pictures as I bought this device strictly to serve videos.  So far so good but I did notice a couple of hicups after the recent upgrade.

Slimy: you’re putting them on the Hub’s internal drive? If so, then it’s definitely not the same for everyone. If you’re using a media server on your PC, it’s a whole different story.

Right.  Everything is going on the internal drive for now. When I outgrow that I’ll add an external. At least that’s the plan for now. I copy DVDs to my PC and then download to the Hub.  What I meant about being the same on everyone’s system was the part about .mkv files only showing up in the Files folder on the Hub (and not the Videos folder as well).  VOB files allow movies, at least on my Hub, to show up in the Videos folder too. I thought that was strange and wondered if this were the same on everyone’s setup.

No, I’ve never heard anyone mention that MKVs aren’t showing up on the internal drive. Are you using the media library?

MKVs show up fine in my Videos folder and in the Videos tab. Not sure why his is different.

Is it not because he is using the media server and that only displays what Windows can play ?

My bad.  After some further testing and playing around with media library, I see those MKV files are indeed showing up in both my Videos and Files folders. I don’t know how I could have missed them before but there they are now.  I have to say that this device is so far really quite impressive and serves my purposes very well.  My only complaint is the transfer speed of downloading movies to the Hub from a PC.  I am looking forward to reading this forum and by learning more how everyone else uses the Hub I can learn to get even more out of it…

Most of us get by the slow network transfer issue by simply using an external hard drive to move files to/from the Hub. I even have a 64gb thumbdrive so I can move a couple at a time with little to no fuss.

This problem also happens with DVD’s ripped to ISO I have had the same issues and always found the files in the file section and they can be played from this location. The only way I could get them to appear was to unplug the hub remove the external hard drive plug hub in alone then plug in hard drive. Re set and re boot had no effect. this item should be fixed as a firmware update as well as the fact my hub cant count as i have 490 movies but only 360 appear on video bar

Just highlight the folder that represents your external drive and hit OPTIONS / RESCAN.

That there isn’t a -Rescan All- “Button” or option in the set-up menu is kind of silly…