Missing folders on internal drive

I just got done setting up and moving over some movies from my PC to the internal drive. To help with organizing my movies I’ve created a folder for each genre. However after the hub gets done compiling, my drama and documentary folders disappear. What’s odd is that those are the only two folders that vanish and they both start with a D. Anybody else having this problem?

That happens to me every now and then, try going to Setup\Media Library, then Clear Media LIbrary.  After it recompiles see if those folders reappear.

Thanks Tin for the reply. Yeah that is a temporary fix but doesn’t last for long. Western Digital, if you are listening, do you realize what a great product you have but how frustrating these little problems are. The media library and the metadata was the reason I upgraded from the Live,  but man what a pain in the butt.


Same thing for me : internal drive and still 1 folder is missing.

I try de reorganize but i did not work.

Please WD fix this !

Same thing here.  This is a reoccurring problem for me.  I found a thread the last time that had me hold down the power button until the unit powers down.  But I forgot the rest.  I cannot find the link.  Someone please help.

I had the same problem. But a reset to factory default (through the setup menu) fixed everything.