WD TV Live Hub

Hello, I hope someone can help, I done a reset back to factory settings as it was running very slow, Now it is just flashing the light on the front of the unit & saying loading on the tv, I have left it running for two days & still flashing. Any idea’s

could be corrupted firmware or a faulty/failed internal hard drive.

the WDTV Live Hub will work without the hard drive connected (there will just be a message that it’s not connected and press OK to proceed)

so, to determine if it’s the hard drive at fault, disassemble the WDTV Live Hub and remove the hard drive (easy to do within 60 seconds) and then trying switching it on.

Thanks, it’s funny soon after I uploaded my problem, I saw in the community that someone else has had the same issue, so I’m going to try what someone put on, but yes it does sound like a firmware issue. Thanks buddy.

easy fix firmware or hard drive replace, still using mine after all these years, pity they never released firmware for third party development, it could still do so much if it could be tweaked.