Wd tv live hub continuously reboot after firmware update

hi all
I recently update the firmware of my tv live hub and after this operation my wd tv live hub continuously rebooting and its doesn’t work

how I can fix it?


try resetting it via the reset hole underneath the device and/or manually rolling back the firmware via usb stick.

thanks for your answer…
can you tell me where I can find a old firmware and how I can updet it via usb?

Thanks fender62
unfortunately my wd still rebooting and I can’t do this…
and ideas?

do you have access to a spare 2.5 hard drive, dismantle the hub, the top actually just clips off
pry it off at the back, its just clipped in, and clips back in, there yo will see the internal hd connected
to a sata cable and a rubber block thing, i presume is for vibration or hum, i chucked mine out…
anyway the hd just slides out of its sata connector, take the top off and listen for a clicking sound
could be ht internal hd is dead, or id take out the drive, and put it in a caddy, and format it, then put i back in and let the box reinstall its firmware