WD TV Live Hub Media Centre - No Remote


I have a Wd TV Live Hub Media Centre. We use as a hard drive to watch movies through the TV. It is not connected to the internet. We have lost the remote. Is there an app I can download to be able to control the device?


There used to be, it was called “WD Remote” but I don’t think it’s available on the app stores anymore.

IIRC, there’s a web-based applet for the remote in the web dashboard of the hub


It’s here isn’t it ?



WD Remote app is still on the Google Play i think (link above)

You can plug in and use a USB Keyboard (or a Wireless one with a USB dongle) to control the WDTV Live Hub if you’re in a pinch


And don’t forget, WD remotes (or clones thereof) are available for a few bucks from eBay or Amazon, etc.