WD TV Live remote control wanted

During a house move I seem to have totally lost my WD TV Live remote control !!

Anyone got one they could sell me (pref in the UK, but I’ll take whatever I can)

Regards to all, John B

Go shopping on eBay; that’s how I bought some brand new ones cheap when I wanted a couple of spares.

Cheers for the input.
I have been looking on EBay (UK) but no luck so far.

Slight aside = whilst looking, I have noticed that the price of the complete kit of the WD TV live seems to have been going up. It wasn’t that long ago that you could get a full, boxed, used one for about £15 or less. Now they are fetching much more than that.

If you can explore eBay US, there may be some listed there.

The WDTV products are “history” because WD quit making them a few yeas ago. The old stuff has high prices because someone somewhere might buy a used one at a ridiculous price.

I have a replacement remote i can sell to you if you havent found one yet i has a unit that went south on me and replaced it but i kept the remote i am in the u.s. but i am sure we could work out a way to get it to you

Just for any future readers of this thread, I discovered that any USB keyboard, plugged into the USB port allows one to navigate all around the WD TV Live menus and therefore connect it to your local wireless network. From then on, the Andriod app on the phone works fine, all be it with a slightly annoying lag, but at least I am back up and running :slight_smile:

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You saved me bro i lost my remote too and try to figure out how can i use my WD TV Live. That was very very helpful. Your answer should be FAQ topic. Thanx again i will try it now.

Glad to be of help :slight_smile: