WD TV Live HD Media Player - Official Firmware Hitory to Download

Hi, I´m a owner of a WD TV Live HD Media Player, WDBAAN0000NBK-00, after a long time looking for a link / site / url where I can download a history version of Firmware I do not have luck. Now in the official website only is available the last version of firmware: 1.06.43_V.

I’m looking for  1.05.04 and others.

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately, older firmware revisions for this device are no longer hosted on WD’s support site. Hopefully a board member has kept an archive.


links to


and others.

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Rolling back fixed all my issues, except one, which I find execptable. It used to hang up something fierce, and I would have to reset it, but rolling it back did the trick, never did it beofre that last update. It plays the VOB twice, I just skip to the second when it does, I just skip it.

I have the firmware you are looking for as well as others. I can send them to an email address as an attachment since I can’t seem to do that here. They are for a first gen wdtv live. Still looking?

My WD TV live (Model WDBAANOOOONBK-00 has stopped working. When powered on the only message on the screen is “Insert a USB drive with firmware to recover your WDTV” I have downloaded the firmware but the device does not read the USB on several attempts. What do I need to do?

Do you still have these updates?