Download old firmware

Where can I download old versions of the WD TV Live firmware?

I am looking for version 1.01.10.


Lars - I believe this link is still active:

This is for the orginal firmware that came with the WDTV Live.

Yes, it is still active. I downloaded and installed it yesterday.

I thought perhaps there is a newer one, but still older than the current.


I would like to find out what are you trying to do by installing the .10 version?  I connected my new WD TV live yesterday and installed the .12 version when it prompted me. youtube sign in reboots my WD TV live and scanning a usb drive seems to take forever (though I have only a few 2-3 minute video files). I would like to if I can go back to the .11 version that is available online on WDC site.  What is the procedure to install an older version? . Thanks.

I wanted to downgrade because the firmware makes picture and sound go out of sync when playing mp4 files. But when I installed the original firmware I could see the picture wasn’t as good as before. Therefore I hope there is a version in between with good quality picture and sound.

If you want to install version .11, then download it from the WD site. Copy the expanded files to the root of a usb-pen. Edit the .ver file so the version is higher than the one you currently have installed. Then insert the usb-pen into the box, and it should ask if you want to upgrade.

In the future every time you start the WD HD TV Live box connected to the internet it will ask if you want to upgrade to newer firmware.

Good luck.

I downgraded to 1.01.00 from 1.01.11 because of audio sync problems. Movies are just unwatchable if the audio is out of sync. Was there a version 1.01.10? Does anyone have a copy (link please)?

I have seen 1.01.10 mentioned elsewhere but I begin to think its a mistake.