WD TV Live GUI - Translation update


I revised completly the italian translation because the original it’s very poor (probably was made with automatic translator like Google).

I sent many times to WD support but no one reply and the latest firmware (1.02.21) has the same hillarious italian translation.

Are there someone in WD ineterst to have a product with a human readable GUI ?

I checked that it’s teh same for many other language.

WD TV Live Italian translation:


Our proxy is not allowing us to access your link.  Can you upload the zip as an attachment instead?

It’s importante that WD support use that for future release because teh user is not able to update language on the unit.

Also I sugegst to my friends of other country that experimentd the same other problem with other language to post here the file for the solution. In this way this threa should be the official way between us and WD support to exchange file.

Also if in the future WD will improve the language file with new strings we will happy if WS support will contact us to update the language files.

In this way WD will have fix the problem for many languages free of charge and we will partecipate to make the product better.

I like to take the oportunity of this thread to point you to the Dutch translation. Maybe it is a good idea to include this in the next official release. If you mis lines and want them to be translated, you know where to find me.

You can find my latest translation over here:



Bill_S wrote:

Can you upload the zip as an attachment instead?

Why? So you can completely ignore it as you did with my german version and introduce some more embarassing errors by the same team?

If you can please post teh file with some rules:

  • Use the uplaod as zip fiel that cantoins both .po & .mo file.

  • Use the same sechematic name like Product_Language(Abbr)_DATA(AAAAMMDD).zup

Example WD_TV_Live_IT_201003020.zip

In this way it’s possible always to check the product / the language/ the revision date

If you like I can host teh fiel for all.


Please uplaod the file as zip file.

I have escalated this to our UI team that handles the localizations (languages) of the firmeware.   Oh, and Techflaw, I did escalate yours, I just don’t know what happened with it.  I do appreciate you staying on me about this, though.


Thank you.

But believe , If you see some translation like italian (ex. for italian users 8bit = 8 morso) you are sure that the translation was made with automatic translation because there are many hillarious translation that a human cannot do it.

Bill_S wrote:

Oh, and Techflaws, I did escalate yours

I’m glad to hear that. Someone over at WDTV Forum is hosting several revised localization files on his FTP.