Sorry ths unfair 4months a go request

sorry WDTV team but this unfair 4 months a go request to support user interface in greek and u add this languages.

Supports Arabic, Hebrew and Polish languages user interfaces.

why do that.

The new firm ware release  Supports Arabic, Hebrew and Polish languages user interfaces.

Give it a try and post your experiences here in this thread below

The OP is complaining that he requested Greek be added to the list of supported languages many months ago and, in the latest update, a number of new languages were added but still no Greek language support.

His “experience” is that there is no Greek support.  It’s been in the Ideas lab as an “Acknowleged” request since December 2009.  

WD need to implement some kind of user-submitted language pack system as a short term measure, there are far too many complaints about translation issues (be is typos, mistranslation or simply no support at all).  I think I’ll go make an Idea about that…


There’s already an existing idea here, for anyone affected by lack of language support and wishes for some kind of user language pack system: