Got an Critical Error but Translation is Yodastyle German so not really a Help

The Error was in Yodastyle German:

“Interner kritischer Systemfehler aufgetreten ist, der Gerät nun neugestartet wird” or somthing like that, well like the other German translations totaly **bleep**ed up, its like Yoda translated the Strings, tz tz…

Well, the Hub then crashed and has not rebooted from alone, i had to enable it manualy again, but i have no Idea what happened, i started the Video where it crashed before and everything was ok, did not crash again on starting the Video, so dunno what the Problem was.

I think its probably better not to use the Germansetting, i will switch to English, because the Translation is a shame, like the 8/12-Bisschen Thing that was even ported from WD TV LIVE to the WD TV LIVE HUB, well it seems nobody from WD actualy reads here in the Community or they don’t care about what People say, because else the Translations Bugs would probably not have been ported 1:1 from the WD TV LIVE to the new WD TV LIVE HUB…

edit: I also forgot to say that after the Crash the Networksettings was flushed and the Hub had a APIPA-IP and sayd he can’t find any Devices, but an click on automatic Setup then fixed the Prob…

try to update the firmware or sumthin. prolly that will fix the issue. where did you purchase that product? germany??? :slight_smile:

You are Joking, its the newest Firmware of course and it is not the only Translation messed, probably the full German Translation has been screwed like this, this needs to be fixed in the next Update else i use the English instead and no it wasn’t Germany, it was Switzerland of course.

It appears the translations have been completely reworked in the new beta.  Care to try it out?

Yeah i will have a look, but hopefully the HDMI-Standby Bug is or if not will be fixed soon, because its the most annoying Bug currently because it forces me to shutoff the Device completly each Time i use it… The Translation is imprtant to, but secondary, like all the Servicestuff unuseable because of Non-Global-but-National-Licensing-Issues anyway… :wink: