WD TV Live does not support Mybook 3TB

I have just purchased the WD TV Live Network Media player and a MYBook 3TB drive. After installing the message does not support drives over 2TB.

Is there a fix?

the Streaming Media Player does support 3TB drives, I use a WD Elements 3TB drive daily.

but have tested a 3TB My Book Studio and that works as well.

how are you trying to hook the drive up?

also something to note, the SMP doesn’t read exFAT format.

I transfed a stack of old .avi files from my pc and hooked the Mybook drive up to the TV live box via the usb cable. it seemed streight forward.

Make sure we’re talking about the same box…

What model # and Firmware do you have running?

WD TV Live HD Media Player Firmware 1.04.17-V

That’s what I thought.

You’re in the wrong forum.

This forum is for the WDTV Live SMP (released in 2011.)  

Your box is the WDTV Live HD (released in 2009.)

Your forum is here:


But to answer your question, you need to be running firmware version 1.05.04_V or later.  Version 1.04.17_V doesn’t support anything larger than 2TB.

See the release notes.


Thanks. Downloaded new firmware, installed now it all works.