4TB Drives

Apologies if this has been asked before but have spent the passed hour searching here and on web and have failed to get a definitive answer.

I have a WDTV Live 1st gen UK model with firmware version 1.06.41. I realise there is one newer release but have kept this version running as it has BBC iPlayer  on it.

I presently use it with a 3TB My Book Home USB3 drive and a 2TB My Book Sudio USB2/Esata/firewire HDD.

I haven’t had any issues with using the 3TB drive but am considering upgrading and geting a WD 4TB My Book.

Will my WDTV Live support the 4TB drive with this firmware or the newer one?

Or is there a custom firmware that would support 4TB?

If not does the newest generation of WDTV support 4TB drives.

Thank you in advance for any answers or help provided.

Hi, 3TB is the largest supported size.

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I have read that if you create 2x 2TB Partitions (or 3TB & 1TB Partitions) on the 4TB drive it will be recognised.

People have reported this to work.

Thank you for the replies, does the 3tb limit apply to the newest generation of the WDTV Live as well or only the 1st gen that I have?

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