Suggestion required in selecting the 3TB HDD which supports WD TV Live HD Media player

Hi Folks,

I am planning to purchase a 3TB external HDD but I am confused which one to choose. Seagate or WD HDD?

Which one supports WD TV Live HD Media player. This is the first Gen player and it has the latest firmware 1.06.43_V

Read a lot of threads saying that some 3TB worked and some did not. Please give your suggestions.


If this is a 1st gen unit then I’d advise against a 3TB hard drive and opting instead for 2TB.

The Official WD Customer Help page states you should be ok … (since you’re running 1.06.43_V)

Personally, i own a WDTV Live Hub (Firmware 2.07.17)  3TB WD Elements & 3TB My Book work fine … no problems

Note: both Westerm Digital HDD drives are formatted NTFS 

Personally, i would never ever buy a Seagate (no matter “how cheap”)  again …

5 Failed Seagate drives over the last couple of years (even my Seagate “Backup” HDD failed)  :angry:

Have several WD HDD’s (a couple over 5 years old) … not a single problem  (but i always, keep backups,just in case)