WD TV Live does not network with computer

I have no knowledge of networks but have just set up my new WD TV Live media player which plays files from connected HDD’s, and YouTube etc via my wired router.  It does not even detect my computer though after having followed the instructions for setting up the network.  My connections are router to computer and WD media box via Ethernet cable and Media box to TV via composite AV cable.  

Can anyone enlighten me as to what is wrong?

Hi, review the steps from the link below to share folders from your computer.


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Thank you.  The problem was that the workgroup name on the WD box was different from the computer workgroup name.  The instruction for setting up the wired network in the WD TV Live manual on the website was  inadequate as it says nothing about this. 

User manual, page 188:


Allows you to join a specific workgroup on your network. Windows-based computers and devices in the same workgroup may allow each other access to their files , printers, or Internet connection. Members of different workgroups on the same local area network and TCP/IP network can only access resources in workgroups to which they are joined.