Trying to stream movies from my pc via wd tv media streamer


       I am new to wd tv live and just bought the latest version for xmas, I seem to be going around in circles, all I want to do is play [my movies] folder with the wd player.

I have it connected via wireless  with full signal and I can access youtube and play videos no problem plus facebook and all the other sites but I just can seem to figue out how to get my folders to show up on the wd live and to play them.

I have homegroup setup and it is allowing access to wd live but I have tried newtwork shares but it just keeps asking for a username and password and it says that it is incorrect and I cant go any further.

I am running windows 7 64bit and the latest firmware on the wd live media player

Can anyone please explain what is the best way and step by step.

Thanks for any help and merry christmas.

The WDTVs do not support HOMEGROUPs.  You need to use WORKGROUPs.

How to I go about this, very new to wd streamers and a quick step by step would be good.

Thanks again.

First post.   Got a WD TV Live Box for xmas.

Experiencing exactly the same dilemma as the OP.

Why should i need to set up a work Group for Home networking?

And how do you do it?

fao themul

I got it working.   I did not have a password on my PC (or laptop) though I am the main user (and administrator).    I merely set up a sign-in password and used that on my PC and on my Live hub.  The WD Live will not accept blanks.

Hope this helps.