Where do I provide login info to access home group

I have a new W7 home premium PC and WD TV and am making a career of trying to get them to network with zero success so far. I have tweaked every setting that every posting on every forum ever recommended and still nada. I’m simply amazed at this technological mess.

Now that I’ve ranted let me ask where do I input the password to access my PC’s home group? 

When I toggle through network setup and check connection I get green signs with check marks that everything is set up and ready to go…super duper…except not so much.

Where do I enter the password?

If your Win7 PC is configured for Home Group networking then the WD TV will not be able to connect. Well documented in these forums why. It is not supported.

You need to configure your Win7 PC for Workgroup networking. How to do this is also well documented in the forums.

I am presently networking within a workgroup. Or at least I think so hehehehehe this is driving me insane. So I ran various commands at the CMD prompt as Tony recommended in one of his posts: http://community.wdc.com/t5/WD-TV-Live-Networking/Troubleshooting-Windows-File-Sharing/m-p/92642

The result is that I have one domain named WORKGROUP with 2 servers on the domain, my PC named DS-HP and my WDTV. My shares on DS-HP are my printer, M drive (a USB HDD), MOVIES (a file containing movies on M drive), and Users.

Am I not on the right track?

Alright I created a work network and I can now navigate to my movies in my USB HDD which I use as my media server, so I’ve got that going for me, but it’s not seeing any content.

Ok, hold on now…   You’ve gone off in a totally different direction than your  other thread.

What you’re describing now sounds like you just haven’t shared your folder that has your media.

Right click the media folder, select “Share With…”  “Specific People.”

and select EVERYONE from the list, with permissions set to “READ WRITE.”

I’ve done that. My media is stored on a USB HDD and I have the drive shared as well as the folder on the drive shared with “everyone” still nothing showing in the folder.

This is much harder than it seems it needs to be. I set up the media server Serviio and within a minute I’m in business, sharing the network meanwhile is nearly impossible. The same machines involved, one method easy and effective, the other difficult and impossible. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Also you mentioned in another of my posts that having both a wired and a wireless connection can be troublesome. Well thats a whole other kettle of fish. I’ve been working on that for a couple of hours now and havent yet stopped my PC from connecting to both. Microsoft has produced another fine product that has made life so easy (snark on) I’ll continue another day. Thanks for your patience and help.

Nothing working today.

I’m enclined to blame Microsoft and W7 but what I dont understand is how this process is so difficult when setting up a media server takes 5 minutes to accomplish. A freeware program like Serviio has me up and running in no time, sharing the network that the WD is hardwired into is mindnumbingly difficult.

This unit is great for USB playback, but I’ve got to say I’m looking elsewhere for a product to integrate into my network, this thing is just impossible.

So I resigned myself to Just using the WD to access my files through my media server. I scrolled through my movies and settled in to watch when I got the message that the file would not play to check my manual for supported formats. The format of this video is no different than any other I have so I pressed the back button and everything went away, nothing on the screen. The home button didnt work, the power button not repsonsive either. Change batteries just so I know it’s not a dead remote but no difference.

I has such hope for this device, not so much any more. It’s great at USB playback and thats pretty much it.

rocks911 wrote:

… The format of this video is no different than any other I have so I pressed the back button and everything went away, nothing on the screen.


How do you know that the format is the same as your other video files?


Use MediaInfo ( http://mediainfo.sourceforge.net/en) to analyze a working and non-working video file. Post the text output from MediaInfo so we can look at the results.

Thanks for the reply. Thats the app I use, same format. just glitchy I guess. It played after a restart.